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重磅 | 2018中国国际教研大会嘉宾(一):英语高效词汇与语法教学篇

重磅 | 2018中国国际教研大会嘉宾(一):英语高效词汇与语法教学篇

重磅 | 2018中国国际教研大会嘉宾(一):英语高效词汇与语法教学篇












# 教学才是硬道理 #


# 一切从课堂出发,一切从教学出发 #


在接下来的日子里,小编会陆续向您详细介绍众多来自国内外的参会嘉宾,以及详细演讲摘要~ 下面请随小编一起了解本期大会嘉宾吧




Professor COLIN WARD,  USA
Esol Chair & Professor of Lone Star College
Oxford University Press Author


Professor Colin Ward received his MA in TESOL from the University of London as a US-UK Fulbright Scholar, and is currently Professor & Chair of ESOL at Lone Star College-North Harris in Houston, Texas. For the past 15 years, Professor Colin Ward has presented at numerous state, national, and international conferences, focusing on the research that guides his teaching practices and the materials he writes for the classroom. Professor Colin Ward has authored a number of textbooks and assessment materials for Pearson and Oxford University Press, including Q: Skills for Success, Trio Writing, and Trio Listening/Speaking. His current interest is the role of vocabulary and content in grammar teaching, use, and testing.

(Professor Colin Ward 出版作品)



Language is easier to learn in chunks. In this talk, presenters introduce the features of a lexical grammar approach. They will share tips for identifying the hidden power of phrases and demonstrate activities for teaching lexical grammar in the writing and speaking classroom.  If grammar describes the way words become meaning, then English has at least three levels of grammar. The first includes rules such as subject-verb agreement and putting an adjective before a noun. Next, we have lexical grammar which includes collocations (e.g., make a decision), phrasal verbs (e.g., stand up) and high frequency idioms (e.g., out of touch), and formulaic language (e.g., the informal I got you, or the more formal academic, The research findings are inconclusive.) Third, we have the grammar of discourse, which involves the conventions that scaffold the moves of paragraphs and topic shifts in conversations.


 三重语法境界   ①传统句式语法;②词汇组合语法;③话题语篇语法。如果只是局限于第一阶段传统语法学习,语言学习会枯燥无效,而充满魅力的词汇与语篇语法才是掌握真正语境运用的关键。

This presentation will provide a brief overview of these three types of grammar as a means for situating lexical grammar as a hidden language caught between the micro-rules of traditional grammar and the larger patterns of discourse. The talk will then focus on providing strategies for identifying and selecting lexical grammar from content. The main part of the talk will then showcase classroom activities, including builder boxes, lexico-grammatical flashcards, recasting exercises, guided roleplays and other quick and easy options for bringing vocabulary and grammar together in meaningful ways.


 演讲精彩三部分   ①介绍三重语法框架;②讲解如何运用教学策略进行词汇组合语法教学;③重点讲解如何利用有效课堂教学活动与技巧将词汇教学与语法教学有趣有效结合。




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